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To stoke fan excitement during NASCAR's playoffs, which are called The Chase, we super-charged the usual playoff highlights by turning every twist on the track into an action-packed "chase film" on foot, released online just days after each race. We debuted different chapters of the film every round of The Chase, and fans loved our (really close to) real-time re-creations, including millions of people not usually into NASCAR, which was kinda the point.

PRESS: NBC Sports, FOX Sports, Sports Illustrated, Jalopnik, Sports Business Journal, Digiday, Crank & Piston, Coloribus, Advertolog

AWARDS: Cannes Lions Shortlist (Media), Clio Sports Silver

ROLE: Creative Direction in partnership with Aaron Mosher and Terry Finley

Creative Directors: Viktor Jacobsson and Jens Sjobergh, Art Director: Chad O'ConnellProducers: Jenny Gadd, Laura Lepre