Imagine you're watching the Super Bowl, and right after a touchdown pass the TV announcer says you can win the game ball if you're the first to tweet a long hashtag right now. That's what we did at the Super Bowl of Motorsports, with a new Twitter race every 20 laps. Hundreds of thousands of fans raced in real-time for cool stuff like tires replaced in pit stops and fenders broken in wrecks, plus steering wheels, helmets, gloves, the checkered flag, and more.

PRESS: Adweek 

AWARDS: The One Show Shortlist, Cannes Lions Bronze (Direct) and Shortlist (Entertainment), Clio Sports Silver (Integrated), Clio Sports Silver (Social), Webby Winner (Promos & Contests)

ROLES: Concept Development and Creative Direction in partnership with Aaron Mosher

Copywriters: Dan Winikur, Zach Buckner, Art Directors: Andrew MillerHayley Grassetti, Luis Vilches, Producers: Melanie Baublis, Sarissa Karnbach, Danielle Russo